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Smart Reclosed Breaker

MT84SR series self-restoring over-voltage and under-voltage protection miniature circuit breakers can distinguish between manual switch-off and over-current tripping, and provide different solutions for this two different condition; over-voltage protection and under-voltage protection can be provided when the grid voltage is too low, at the same time, it can protect the line from overload and shor

Technical Data
Poles                                                   1P ,2P, 3P, 4P
Rated voltage                                     Single phase 230V~ /Three phase 400V~
Frequency                                           50/60Hz
Time delay of
reset current fault                               1st: 5s; 2nd: 20s; 3rd: 60s; 4th: lock
Work temperature                              -25℃~+55℃
Storage temperature                          -40℃~+70℃
Relative humidity                               ≤95%
Installation                                         35mm DIN Rail Mounting
Mechanical life                                   ≥10000 trips
Action time                                        Open≤0.2s Close≤0.3s (Exclude time delay)
Auto Reset Over/Under Voltage Protector
Item             Voltage           time                 Description
O/V1             ≥275V             5S                   O/V1 is activated when voltage ≥275V,and
                                                                    Device trip when O/V conyinues ≥5S
O/V2             ≥300V            1.5S                 O/V2 is activated when voltage≥300V, and
                                                                    device trip when O/V continues ≥ 1.5s
O/V3             ≥350V            0.3S                 O/V3 is activated when voltage≥350V, and
                                                                    device trip when O/V continues ≥ 0.3s
O/V4             ≥400V            0.1S                 O/V4 is activated when voltage≥400V, and
                                                                    device trip when O/V continues ≥ 0.1s
U/V1             ≤160V               3S                 U/V1 is activated when voltage≤160V, and
                                                                    device trip when U/V continues ≥ 3s
Auto Reset Current Fault
                                                                    The device reclosed after current fault, the equipment keeps            
                                                                    closed for more than 15 minutes, which is defined as a successful
Definition of                                                closing. After the closing is successful, the set reclose times of the
Success reset                                               equipment will automatically be cleared. When such current fault

                                                                    trip occurs again, the device will delay 5 seconds to auto reclose.

                                                                    Mode of current fault auto reclose: the device is connected to the

                                                                    power supply when the red light is on. 1) The device will first auto

                                                                    reclose, if device in open state, with a time delay of 5s; 2)The

Process of                                                   device will second auto reclose, if failed to recloe in first time, with
Current fault                                                a time delay of 20s; 3)The device will third auto reclose, if failed to
auto reset                                                    recloe in second time as well, with a time delay of 60s; 4)The device
                                                                    will be in current fault lock state, with red/green flashing, if also
                                                                    failed to reclose the third time, and stops auto reclose again.
Remove                                                       After checking the fault manually, pull out and push in the lock back
Current                                                        to the device, and manually close the handle once and such current
fault lock                                                     fault lock will be removed
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