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Shanghai Matis Electric Co.,Ltd committed on smart electrical, here below is part of our main smart products, complying with some traditional electrical products:

MT61GP Smart Power Meter with Protection

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MT61GP introduction
  • Description
1. MCB protection of short circuit & overload up to max. 125A, both for single phase and three phase.
2. Power meter measurement with accuracy class1.0.
3. Fully protection and alarm for operation remotely for over/uner voltage, phase loss, neutral disconnection, rated current adjustable, etc.
3. Electricity record, prepayed, and time-of-use billing for all independent authorized departments.   
4. Frozen function: energy power and data to be frozen daily, weekly, and monthly, and keep for years. 
5. Record event of bill charge and recall
6. Electricity Bill: This month & previous month electricity bill can be generated in our platform.
7. Communication of GPRS, RS-485, Modubus, Bluetooth, etc.
8. High-brightness LCD, easy to read, and check on site.
9. Anti-theft electricity alarm, both buzz on site, and remotely in platform.
10. Terminals are sealed that only authorized electrician can open it.