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Shanghai Matis Electric Co.,Ltd committed on smart electrical, here below is part of our main smart products, complying with some traditional electrical products:

MT53UV over/under voltage recloser

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MT53UV works together with MM50H. It owns automatic voltage detector that will protect circuit, either when it is over-voltage or under-voltage. It will reclose automatically as soon as the circuit returns normal voltage. This is a very perfect solution to real circuit fluctuates, as it is small size, and MCB is really reliable.
MT53UV will only trip when voltage is abnormal, however, it won’t trip or reclose when MCB tripped due to overload or short-circuit faulty.

MT53UV may also work with all our MX accessories, such as MX50U, which is under-voltage protection auxiliary. They can be applied together for PV system.

◆ Module: 1P, 18mm
◆ Rated Voltage: 230VAC/1P,2P; 400VAC/3P,4P
◆ Under-voltage(V): 170±5V (Phase Voltage)
◆ Under voltage(V) to Reclose: 190±5V (Phase Voltage)
◆ Over-voltage(V): 270±5V (Phase Voltage)
◆ Over voltage(V) to Reclose: 250±5V (Phase Voltage)
◆ Time delay to reclose(S): 60±5S
◆ Reclosing time(S): ≤0.5S
◆ Electrical life: 8000
◆ IP grade: Ip20
◆ Compatible: MM50H, ML50H, MRO50, MR50, and accessories
◆ Temperature: -25℃ ~ 60℃
◆ Instruction on front panel
◇  Auto: MT53UV will inspect the line voltage automatically, and will trip when the voltage is either over or under normal rated voltage.
◇  Manu: MT53UV is set for manual mode, that is the device won't operate even the voltage is abnormal;