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Shanghai Matis Electric Co.,Ltd committed on smart electrical, here below is part of our main smart products, complying with some traditional electrical products:

MT55R & MT55PV photovoltic recloser

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MT55R is widely used for electric power protection and reclose. Such as power meter recloser to replace shunt reply inside. It can also be widely used for many kinds of auto recloser applications, such as photovoltaic auto recloser, which has such advantages as below:

1.MT55PV will disconnect the line while the input power is off. It will be auto-tripped even to reclose manually;
2.MT55PV will auto reclose the power 3 seconds after the input power recovers, which will highly reduce impact of photovoltaic power supply to main power grid.
3.MT55PV will delay for 3 seconds to disconnect the power, to avoid “island effect” completely.
4. Over/Under-voltage protection as a selection function,

◆Compact: MT55PV is 18mm itself, worked together with MCB, total 3 module or 5 module;
◆High capacity: rated current is maximum to 100A, while width 18mm each module
◆Reclose fast: It may reclose within 0.5 seconds, and trip within 0.2 seconds, fast and safe
◆Reliability: It is driven internally and simultaneously with full reliability and long life.
◆Easy wiring: power supplied internally, wiring connection is completely the same as normal MCB, very easy.