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Shanghai Matis Electric Co.,Ltd committed on smart electrical, here below is part of our main smart products, complying with some traditional electrical products:
  • Description
◆Providesprotectionagainstearthfault leakagecurrentandfunctionofisolation
◆High current rating up to 100A
◆ Applicable to terminal and pin fork type busbar connection
◆Contact position indication
◆Fire resistant plastic parts endures abnormal heating and strong impact
◆ Automatically disconnect the circuit when earth fault leakage current occurs and exceeds the rated sensitivity.
Independent of power supply and line voltage and free from external interference, voltage fluctuation.

Technical Data
◆Mode: electro-magnetic type
◆Residual current characteristics: AC, A
◆Pole No.: 2, 4
◆Rated making and breaking capacity: 10000A
◆Rated voltage: 230/400V AC
◆Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
◆Rated Current: 25,40,63A
◆ Rated residual operating current I n(mA): 10, 30, 100, 300, 500
◆ Rated residual non operating current I no: 0.5I n
◆Rated conditional short-circuit current Inc: 3000A
◆ △ Rated conditional residual short-circuit Current I c: 3000A
◆ ≤ Tripping duration: instantaneous tripping 0.1s
Residual tripping current range: 0.5I n~I n ◆ △ △
Electro-mechanical endurance: 4000 cycles ◆
Connection capacity: Rigid conductor 25mm ◆
Connection terminal: ◆
Pillar terminal with clamp ◇
Fastening torque: 2.5Nm ◆
On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm ◇
Panel mounting ◇